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Each item in the Ultraloc range is simply stunning! From the single packs to an array of ready-to-go POS solutions, Ultraloc has industry leading design.

Ultraloc products are already available in several ‘sales-grabbing’, attractive and unique formats. From pre-loaded clipstrips to counter top displays, whatever the opportunity – Ultraloc has something for everyone. Need stands? Or even something bespoke?

Ultraloc is Proudly Stocked By Our Partners Around The Globe. To Find Out More Please visit: www.multibrands.eu.com

By stocking Ultraloc - adhesives, you are partnering with a highly focussed and consumer driven business with an enviable reputation and standing. To us, quality and service are not only a promise, but the driving force behind our company.

Phenomenal Success

Since our launch, Ultraloc has experienced phenomenal success as a preferred brand of choice. We now actively export our great products around the world through a broad variety of business partners.

Welcome as a Supporter

 We welcome you as a supporter of Ultraloc and hope you join us in our mission to continue our impressive growth both internationally and at home in the UK.

Join us to be part of a highly focussed and consumer driven brand with an excellent reputation for providing the ultimate in quality, innovation and above all incredible value.